With 30 years experience, we focus on ballet training as the basis for all dance forms. Featuring a unique environment where each student is encouraged to reach their full potential without being compared to others. Offering dance classes in ballet, tap, modern, jazz and ballroom. Come be part of our “Dance Family.”




What sets us apart from other dance studios?

  • We feature small dance classes and a non-competitive environment, giving students more personal attention in a nurturing atmosphere.
  • Our dance classes focus on teaching proper technique as we share with them the joy that can come from dance training.
  • We do not promote participation in dance competitions. Rather than a “sports” approach where winning a trophy and being compared to others is the norm, we train dancers in a way that teaches appreciation for the “art” of dance as we strive to help them become the very best they can be.
  • Parents are encouraged to come sit in the studio and observe every Preschool and Kindergarten dance class. This eliminates the anxious feelings new students and parents experience at most studios where observation is limited or non-existent.
  • We have 2 shows a year, a  Winter Review and a Spring Performance, to provide greater opportunities for each student to perform.  We feature family friendly themes and age appropriate choreography and costuming.
  • We are dedicated to helping the serious dance student to reach their dance related goals and are continually looking for ways to meet the serious student’s needs.
  • We strive to integrate Special Needs children into our program wherever possible.