Make-up Classes

Any missed class can be made up in another class of the same level or lower. Your teacher will give you a list of classes you can make-up in. There is no refund for missed classes.

Severe Weather

If the Noblesville School system should cancel their classes for the day and or evening events, our classes will also be cancelled. If the weather deteriorates after school hours, or on the weekend, we will post the cancellation on Ballerinas Facebook page. There are no refunds for cancelled classes due to weather.  You may make-up the class at another scheduled class.
Ballerinas reserves the right to cancel or combine classes in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Class Size

Group classes – 4 to 15 students

Preschool and Kindergarten Classes- 4-10 students

Semi Private lessons – 2 to 3 students

A group class must have 4 students enrolled to start. A teacher may proceed to start a group class of 3 students with the hope that it will grow. However, she may reduce the class time to 30 minutes until the 4th student enrolls.

Preschool 2-4 years
Kindergarten 5-7 years
Combo A 8-10 years
Combo A 11 and up
A student may stay in the same level for two to three years. After moving out of the Kindergarten level a student will be advanced according to ability. We will try to keep ages stated consistent, however there may be exceptions, to be determined by instructor.

Tuition for all classes enrolled in, is due at the first lesson of each month. You can pay on-line by Pay Pal thru this site. Payment by check is preferred. Please, no cash. There is an $8 charge for any returned check from a personal checking account and a $30 charge for any returned check from a business account.

Late Fee
A $5 Late Fee will be added to your account after the 15th of the month.

Studio Etiquette

No gum chewing.

No running or screaming.

Keep children who are not taking the immediate class off the dance floor.

All siblings must remain in provided chairs while classes are in session.

Please do not coach your child from your seat. This distracts the entire class. If your child is disturbing the rest of the class, you may quietly call them over to you or if need be, remove them from the dance floor until they are ready to follow the teachers direction.

A teacher may ask a student to sit with his/her parent for a while until they are ready to rejoin the class.

Please deposit all soiled diapers in the trashcan provided outside the building.


We do fundraiser’s at different times throughout the year to help parents cover the cost of recital and costume expenses.


Performance Opportunities

Winter Review
In addition to our Spring Recital we feature a special night of dancing entertainment in the middle of winter.  Our Winter Review will consist of an onstage class with our more advanced dancers, a discussion on some aspect of dance technique we feel would be beneficial and interesting for the audience and then the rest of the evening gives our students a chance to perform a dance they will have learned in class. Used costumes or simple dance class attire or a simple item of clothing that the student can wear to school or play may or will be purchased. We encourage your participation in this production because we feel it is important for you as parents of dance students to see the possibilities of what your child can achieve with this art form.  We are able to show you more clearly during this evening what the benefits of dance training are. We have found this to be an extremely enjoyable evening for all. The recital fee will be $35 per family and classes will be limited to performing one dance. This will all happen in one night, so there will be no dress rehearsal. Immediate family members (parents and siblings) will recieve complementary admission. All other guests will need to pay admission. $4 per person.

Spring Performance

We do have an annual Spring Performance. If you choose to be in the show, you will be required to purchase one or 2 costumes per class, tights and have the correct colored dance shoes. The cost can range from $120 to $170 for the 2 costumes. All costume money is due at the time the order is placed. There is a recital fee of $55. Immediate family members (parents and siblings) will receive complementary admission. All other guests will need to pay admission. $4 per person.

is a non competing performance group that performs 2-4 times a year at various venues. Students attend a placement audition and  must have been with the studio for 2 or more years. Dances are learned quickly. Students are challenged to pick up and retain choreography with limited rehearsal time. There are rehearsal fees and each student must purchase a Ballerinas jacket and any dance wear needed for performances. This group is for the motivated student who wants more performance experience.

Students who qualify will be advised to attend and or participate.

Dress Code

Preschool, Kindergarten & Combo Classes

Any color leotard and tights. Pink ballet slippers. Tan tap shoes. Simple sweater if chilly. Simple dance skirts are acceptable.

Ballet / Modern / Contemporary classes

Solid colored leotard and tights. Pink ballet slippers. Simple dance skirts and dance sweaters.

Jazz & Tap classes

Jazz pants shorts and tops. Jazz shoes and sneakers. Tan or black tap shoes, depending on teachers preference. Solid colored leotards and tights.

Not Acceptable

All Classes

Any kind of street clothing.

A student may be asked to observe class if not dressed properly in dance attire.