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Ballerinas Tuition Rates 2016/2017

Registration is $25 a year per family, due August of every year. New students starting in September –April will be required to pay the entire yearly registration fee at their time of enrollment. New students starting classes in May will pay registration fee the following August when classes start for the new season.

Monthly rates are due at the first class of the month and are the same each month no matter how many weeks are in the month, except for August and June which are prorated. There are no refunds for classes cancelled due to weather. No adjustments will be made to tuition rates during months with holidays. Missed classes due to illness or vacations may be made up at another comparable class anytime during the dance year.

Unlimited Classes per month $270 per student.

Group Classes
$65 / month for one 75/90 minute class.
$50/ month for one 45/60 minute class.
$40/ month for one 30 minute class.

Private-Semi Private Lesson
There is no multiple class discount for private lessons.

$30 for each 30 minute private lesson.
$15 for each 30 minute semi private lesson with 2 to 3 students.

Multiple Class Rates
$57/ month for your second or more 75/90 minute class.
$42/ month for your second and third 45/60 minute class.
$32 for your fourth or more 45/60 minute class
$32/ month for your second or more 30 minute class.

Your first class of any length is the full amount. The discount applies only to the second class taken of the same length.
For instance:
A student taking one 90 minute class and one 45 minute class will pay the full amount for each of these classes. The discount will apply when they add another 90 minute class or another 45 minute class. If they add a 30 minute class they will pay the full amount for the 30 minute class.

Encore Rehearsal rates: $10.00 per rehearsal