SunshineDolls-copyFamily Friendly Atmosphere

One of our goals is for the entire family to feel at home at Ballerinas. We are most pleased when we hear comments from our students and parents about the warm, friendly spirit found at Ballerinas. Some of the things we do to promote this are:

  1. Preschool and kindergarten classes welcome the parents into the studio to observe classes.
  2. Class sizes limited so that each child gets the attention they need.
  3. Each student is encouraged and helped to do their very best without comparing themselves to others.
  4. Several of our teachers grew up as students of Miss Becky and now enjoy sharing the same experience they enjoyed.
  5. Field trips are arranged for students and their families to go together with others to enjoy local dance and theatre events.
  6. Fundraisers are organized to help those who wish to participate pay for costumes and recital fees.