Baileighs-Tuesday-Girls1.jpgPreschool / Kindergarten Program  “Dancing Dolls!”

These classes introduce the basics of both arts to the student. The class is full of music the student will recognize and props with which they will love dancing. We want both students and parents to leave class with a smile on their face. Parents are welcome in the studio to observe.

Combo Classes

We feel this is the best class for students to start with. The class starts with ballet and finishes with tap. We have three levels of Combo Classes. Students learn the basics and then continue to develop their technique in both disciplines. They are moved up in level depending on ability. This is a great class for the recreational dancer.

WALKER-7105Ballet Technique

A vision comes to mind of a beautiful ballerina floating across the stage on her toes. What she does looks effortless and graceful. For a moment you catch your breath. To achieve that vision, a ballerina will have spent countless hours in the studio developing, refining, and strengthening her technique. We will help serious ballet students to get well on their way to achieving that vision. We offer technique classes for different ages and levels of ability. Pointe is available to qualifying students.


Our tap class is dedicated to the mastery of rhythm both simple and complex. Emphasis is placed on the dancer as musician. Dancers will learn to develop many different rhythmic patterns and focus on acquiring a broad vocabulary of tap steps. They will learn counter rhythms, syncopation, stop time, accents and shading through various short combinations and across the floor exercises.


Our jazz class is a fast paced high energy class, designed to stress individual artistry and interpretation of the dance elements of jazz. The first 15-30 minutes of class we will warm up the body through stretching and various other exercises involving isolation movements and balance as well as strengthening core muscle groups.


Modern dance is historically, a rebellious offshoot from Ballet.  Dancers  threw away the constraints of pointe shoes and the classically strict lines of traditional ballet and developed several new and exciting techniques that  moved dance into a new age resulting in captivating experiences for audiences and dancers as well.

Modern dance today as well as our program, emphasizes a strong sense of classical ballet technique which provides the necessary foundation to learn the fundamentals of Modern. Our classes will emphasis core strength and body alignment, flexibility and proper stretching, elements of Graham and Release technique throughout and exploration of distall vs. core initiated movement. Generally, classstructure will include, warm up, focus on technique and conclude with a movement phrase.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, ballet, lyrical and jazz. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

New to Ballerinas as of 2016. Description coming soon.